Consistent electronic geo-license management

For efficient marketing of geo-services

The market-leading solution for licensing geoservices, license.manager is both a transparent and a powerful application that satisfies all the necessary conditions for providing controlled, license-bound access to valuable geoservices. This ensures that agreements relating to conditions and restrictions of use are observed and pricing and fee models are adhered to when accessed by the customer.

INSPIRE e-commerce service

In the context of INSPIRE, license.manager can also be employed as an e-commerce service, as defined in Article 14 (4) of the INSPIRE guideline. Accordingly, it constitutes an effective tool for institutions who wish to charge fees for selected INSPIRE network services which they seek to offer subject to the terms of an electronic licensing agreement.

Similarly, the construction of shop solutions for geoservices and their integration in geoportals is supported both by the consistent application of standards and the modular structure of license.manager. In this way, license.manager offers a comprehensive, easy-to-use solution for regulating license and user rights in service-based spatial data infrastructures.