A sustainable and family-friendly personnel policy is an integral part of our corporate culture and practice. For this reason, we promote the compatibility of work and family and a good work-life balance. The parent and child room, childcare subsidy and individual part-time work are just some examples. For us, showing consideration and practising a responsible and partner-based coexistence form a natural foundation.

Whether working part-time or full-time, at home or on the company premises, each individual employee is responsible for his working hours. This attitude stems from a results-oriented concept of working time accompanied by a sense of time autonomy. This is supported among other things by technical tools that enable collaborative work, including a high-quality video conferencing system. The concept of overtime is foreign to us. Periods of increased workload are balanced out by time off at a later date. We are also given the opportunity to build up working hours accounts. These can be redeemed later on, for example to enable a sabbatical or an extended trip or to look after relatives in need of care.