Life & Work

The city

Münster, the vibrant university city in the heart of Westphalia is a place to feel good in. Not only is it Germany's number one bicycle city, but it is also one of the most liveable cities in the world. It received this accolade at the LivCom awards in 2004, when Münster became the first large German city to achieve the top place in the category of cities with between 200,000 and 750,000 inhabitants.

The location

For con terra, Münster is above all an attractive work location. The company premises are situated only 3 km south east of the old city and the central railway station, in the Loddenheide business park. The location is characterised by its good accessibility, close proximity to the university and excellent infrastructure.

The modern and ergonomically equipped offices offer each one of us the possibility to create our own individual work environment. There is also a wide range of functional spaces that are designed for communal working, conferences or recreation.

Bike riders and globetrotters

For residents of Münster, the bicycle is sacred, and so it was of course no surprise that the workforce soon expressed the desire to have their own bicycle parking facilities. The response was a roofed structure with lighting, connected to the electronic access control system. Perfect for leaving the work bike or personal bicycle in, under dry and secure conditions.

Of course, the bicycle is not always the best means of transport for a company with international operations. When it is necessary to take the train to Berlin or to fly across the big pond, the travel management is there to quickly and reliably take care of obtaining the best method of transport and organising suitable hotel accommodation. Moreover, every con terra employee has the opportunity to lease a company car at favourable terms.