Communication is important to us and exchanges between teams are encouraged. Visitors making their way through the con terra premises are surprised when they notice that our doors are always open. Everyone, from the student trainee to the CEO, is on first-name terms. Central facilities like the Café con terra, the terrace, and the bright and modern kitchen invite people to engage in spontaneous conversation.

con terra afternoon – healthy nutrition

Other well-established formats aimed at the entire personnel, such as the monthly briefing and the external con terra Days as well as a series of theme afternoons and team events, provide plenty of opportunities for dialogue and serve to enhance transparency throughout the company. Newcomers are never left alone. This is ensured by mentors who are available to provide assistance in their role as organisational and specialist contact partners throughout the induction phase and beyond.

Think tank

"...we communicate" was the motto of the con terra days 2017. Participants had a lot of fun discussing and developing the theme of communication in a variety of intensive workshops, presentations and group activities.