We are 10.6 ready!

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We are 10.6 ready!


We are proud to announce that con terra has been officially recognized by Esri to be ArcGIS® 10.6 Ready!

Being 10.6 Ready is an indicator of con terra’s ongoing activities to have our products, solutions and services aligned with the latest releases of ArcGIS. Our customers benefit from this, as it ensures that they can always use the latest technology developments. It shows that the value-adding products, solutions and services provided by con terra are in line with, and complement the ArcGIS platform. 

In terms of being release ready, 10.6 is just a milestone, and we engage consistently and constantly with Esri to ensure we remain up to date with the developments of ArcGIS. 
We will be proudly displaying our 10.6 Ready sign at our booth in the Esri UC 2018 EXPO. Come see us there!