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Using map.apps 4.4 to include specific topics in any number of apps.

With map.apps, focused and user-oriented apps can be created with maximum efficiency, simply by combining existing functional components. The latest version goes one step further and includes technical aspects in the component-based architecture. As of version 4.4, specialist topics with all their content, configurations and specific functionalities can be packaged as "domain bundles" and made available in any number of apps. This is done by simply activating the corresponding bundle within an app.

An activated "weather bundle", for example, ensures full integration of the topic "weather" into an app. Weather information as a map layer, a search for weather stations, special popups with texts and diagrams as well as an animation function for the weather course inform the user completely about this specific subject. 
With map.apps 4.4, users also benefit from the new possibilities of the highly up-to-date ArcGIS API for JavaScript Version 4.7, which now also supports the display and use of 3D content for mobile devices. Thanks to the so-called edge rendering, building contours can be added to a 3D representation or highlighted in sketch form. This contouring noticeably enhances depth perception and helps to better understand details of features within a scene.

map.apps – edge rendering
Fig.1: Edge rendering with map.apps 4.4

Further new functions and optimizations make map.apps 4.4 even more comfortable in configuration and application. This ranges from fundamentally revised information windows with content-controlled behavior, through a greatly simplified live configuration of the map contents, to bundling all sharing options in a standardized tool.