Oberursel in Minecraft

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Oberursel in Minecraft


con terra supports the "Oberursel in dialogue" project week

The town of Oberursel is organising the "Oberursel in dialogue" project week from the 1st to the 10th of September. The aim of the project is to enter into a dialogue with citizens on the development of the city and to provide inspiration for a redesign of the Oberursel town centre.

con terra is sponsoring the project week and has created the basic Minecraft world for the game "Oberurselcraft". Players will now be able to transform and redesign the urban area around the station as they wish in Minecraft.

This part of the town was able to be faithfully reproduced in Minecraft by using official and open geodata. Data from OpenStreetMap, building data in City-GML format, and data from the town's tree registry were processed. With the aid of FME software, the geodata were harmonised, edited, and exported into a Minecraft world in an automated process.

No limits are set on the imagination when it comes to how the 3-D model of the town can be transformed in Minecraft. "Oberurselcraft" thus creates an incentive to play a role in urban design in a fun way, especially for younger citizens - a good example of open government and new approaches to e-participation.

Minecraft is an open-world game from Microsoft, in which you can create your own virtual world, build structures, or create entire cities and landscapes block by block, individually or with other players. A kind of digital Lego.

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