map.apps 4.1 – fully integrated in the ArcGIS platform

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map.apps 4.1 – fully integrated in the ArcGIS platform


The new 4.1 release of con terra's map.apps offers users a whole series of new functions and possibilities.

You are now able to publish apps automatically through the ArcGIS platform. The required registration of the applications in the Portal for ArcGIS or in ArcGIS Online is performed directly from the map.apps manager, which means that the administrator/editor does need to exit the user interface. The title and text description as well as the app preview image are all included in the data transfer, which avoids the need for error-prone, manual editing.

This high-level integration of map.apps in the Esri ArcGIS platform is based on automatic portal authentication. Using this function, which is also available through single sign-on (SSO), it is also possible to control the use of apps with protected content, on the basis of portal identities.

Publication of map.apps applications in the ArcGIS platform

Despite the varied and complex possibilities that are available, the user is able to keep sight of everything at all times thanks to the internal map.apps app overview. He can see directly what app has been transferred to the portal and for what app the authentication has been activated.

Pack & Go
Another innovation in map.apps 4.1 is that it enables 'pack & go' for an individual app. This means that all the information and resources relating to an app (e.g. JavaScript files, images and styles) are bundled in a ZIP archive, complete with the app configuration. The executing mechanism extends not only to map.apps bundles but also to product extensions and self-developed bundles. The resulting ZIP archive can then be downloaded by the map.apps manager and packaged in a subsequent step into a native (hybrid) application, e.g. via Apache Cordova. The automation and embedding of this final stage directly via the map.apps manager is currently in preparation and will be available soon.

Real-time data in 2D and 3D
It is not only the integration and automation ability of map.apps 4.1 that scores points but also the fully new possibilities that are available for using and visualising real-time data. Stream-layer support allows all time-based data flows provided by an ArcGIS GeoEvent server to be integrated in map.apps and displayed both in 2D and 3D.

App of Real-Time Flight Tracker in 3D

Unlike with other services, this data is not requested by the client but actively sent from the server to the map. The greatly increased availability of both stationary and mobile sensor data results in an application potential that sets virtually no limits to new creative applications.