Esri Partner Conference 2017

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Esri Partner Conference 2017


con terra technology supports ArcGIS users

Stay in Control was the motto of the con terra appearance at this year's Esri Partner Conference (EPC) in Palm Springs. It was shown how easy it is for users of con terra technology to have their ArcGIS data and services safely and comfortably under control.

In particular, con terra’s security.manager – ArcGIS Edition was the focus of interest. In addition to numerous EPC Expo visitors, Esri company founder and President Jack Dangermond was also visibly impressed by the simple possibility to define individual access control for different users, using the rights editor integrated directly within the ArcGIS Server Manager. This ensures that everyone gets access to only the information they should. Services can be authorized both spatially and at the feature level. This makes it possible to publish services only once, and to then define individual views for different users - simply by a mouse click - via different authorizations.

Jack Dangermond (3rd from left) learned about the con terra technology at the EPC Expo.