More flexibility with service.monitor 4.2

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More flexibility with service.monitor 4.2


The new service.monitor 4.2 now gives users even more flexibility in handling their geo-monitoring and analytics tasks.

The configuration of customer-specific analytics dashboards has been simplified with the current release. Dashboards can now either use the globally predefined widgets of the product or point to local queries in the individual app. The heatmaps for the particularly intensively considered areas are also more flexibly configurable and can be used in other coordinate systems.

The new version places special emphasis on the high-performance use of very large data stocks. The product documentation provides an extended description for the maintenance and configuration of the underlying search engine (Elasticsearch). It’s available for all customers in the con terra Developer Network.

In the context of spatial monitoring, con terra products and Elasticsearch can now also be monitored more precisely. This allows customers to be notified if analytics events have not yet been registered at defined times. With "Slack", a cloud-based collaboration platform for workgroups, customers are now offered another channel for these automatic notifications.