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Real-time data in traffic

Berlin. 90 creative heads, 12 teams and 24 hours at the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure (BMVI) - these were the basics for the 2nd BMVI DATA-RUN. Innovative solutions for mobility 4.0 were sought. For this task, the Federal Ministry opened its data treasure and provided selected real-time data from the ministry and its subordinate authorities.

In his opening speech, Alexander Dobrindt, Federal Minister for Transport and Digital Infrastructure, made clear what the objective of the BMVI DATA-RUN is: The focus is on the networked use of real-time traffic data provided by the BMVI. The overall Goal of Minister Dobrindt is to build the best ecosystem for mobility start-ups in Germany.

One year ago Minister Dobrindt had carried out the 1st BMVI DATA-RUN at the same place. As a member of the winning team from last year, con terra team member Marc Kleemann reported about his experiences and the activities, which resulted from the promotion by the Modernization Fund mFUND. Among other things, all participants of the 2nd BMVI DATA-RUN also benefited from the results of the predecessor event because data from the BMVI area were now easier to use as GeoJSON via the geodat rotary disk FME and the remaining interface via ArcGIS Online.

Immediately after his lecture Kleemann then rose again actively. Together with other colleagues from con terra, Esri and Geocom the team mSHARE used the Hackathon to work on the idea of ​​an app for an innovative freight exchange for inland waterways using current level data.


For the first time the BMVI provided real-time data on road traffic from the mobility data market (MDM) as well as data from the waterways and shipping administration of the federal government. The combination of the data provided by the BMVI with other data was explicitly desired and it was impressively solved by the mSHARE team.

After 24 hours of intensive exchange of ideas, concentrated coding and story-telling, little sleep and a lot of fun, the team traveled back home. Not with the first place, but with a good feeling and many new knotted contacts. It was a great event.

For further information about the BMVI DAT-RUN, the modernity fund mFUND and the mobility data market MDM, please visit the following links: