INSPIRing a sustainable environment

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INSPIRing a sustainable environment


Looking forward to INSPIRE Conference 2017

This year’s INSPIRE Conference took place from 26 to 30 September in the beautiful city of Barcelona in Spain. More than 1100 participants were welcomed by the organizers of the European Comission and their partners from the Institut Cartogràfi c i Geològic de Catalunya and with the support of the Spanish government. Under the motto "INSPIRing a sustainable environment" many workshops and presentations were held on how INSPIRE is being put into practice, lessons learned, and ideas for improvement.

For the staff of con terra the INSPIRE Conference was a good chance to meet friends and partners and make new contacts among the INSPIRE experts. It also offered the opportunity to present con terra’s expertise within many contributions held or accomplished by customers or the con terra experts. The focus was on how existing information and infrastructure can be used more effectively to offer innovative (citizen) services:

con terra’s contributions were well received and the representatives of con terra also took the chance to present our latest technologies and solutions in the INSPIRE Expo, e.g. the new version of the INSPIRE Solution Pack.

All presentations of the INSPIRE Conference are already available on:


INSPIRE Conference 2017 in France and Germany

con terra is already looking forward to the next INSPIRE Conference in Strasbourg/Kehl September 4 – 8, 2017
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