Developer Network expands its focus

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Developer Network expands its focus


Expansion of the communication and collaboration platform to further products of con terra.

The previously known as "map.apps Developer Network" information and communication platform is expanding its focus. As a "con terra Developer Network" it does now serve for all con terra products.

Since 2013, the map.apps developer network has provided assistance to a constantly growing number of developers and users. Ever since, it has provided map.apps developers with software downloads, documentation, guidelines and examples. With the forum and GitHub repository, two important means were added that extended the scope from providing information to a collaboration and communication.

During this time, the software itself has also evolved a lot. More than ever before, map.apps is supposed to build geospatial apps for the enterprise. Its underlying architecture, REST services and JavaScript application runtime have proven to provide a resilient foundation for solutions of multiple, interconnected apps that are easy to set up, extend, operate and maintain. We came from building apps to build agile, digital geospatially enabled services with multiple touchpoints to connect infrastructure and people.

As part of this venture, we took big efforts to refactor our other products, namely security.manager, smart.finder and service.monitor, to be compliant with this approach and  to provide a seamless experience of software building block (or our beloved term of “bundles”) working together to help creating the digital service experience.

To broaden this experience also to our developer community, we will extend the scope of the developer network, with all its contents and tools, to cover all con terra products.

The team has already taken efforts to provide content for security.manager, service.monitor (incl. analytics) and smart.finder.  Blog posts have started to cover topics of interest for these products. Expect these to increase. In addition, downloads will be provided, GitHub can be used to exchange components and the forum is yours to communicate.

Those interested in full access to all of the site's content can apply for a free personal account using the special contact form provided on the site. The con terra developer network can be accessed at

Exciting times. Thanks for participating!