Geo Web Analytics

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Geo Web Analytics


Systematic analysis of user behaviour.

Discovering what your customers want and optimising your own web services and applications on the basis of user data are now also possible with spatial applications. The new service.monitor 4.0 from con terra GmbH is a monitoring and analysis software conceived especially with digital spatial services in mind.

Thanks to the new possibilities afforded by geo-web analytics, license holders of service.monitor now have the ability to analyse their geo-service offers quickly, methodically, and on the basis of durable user information. The findings serve as indications as to how a service can be enhanced, and above all how it can be adapted to more effectively reflect users' actual needs and requirements. This not only increases user acceptance but also results in higher cost efficiency.

Are the applications being used in accordance with my expectations? Which functions do users prefer? What are users searching for? What terminal devices and operating systems do my users run? What map services do they use and what regions are they particularly interested in?

The answers to these and many other questions can now be obtained for the first time with the new analytics functions available with service.monitor. The functions are based on a variety of statistical analysis methods that are able to recognise patterns on the basis of the data surveyed and to derive core statements from the patterns. The results are displayed in clearly laid out and highly informative dashboards and widgets, for example dynamic diagrams or heat maps. Naturally, the system runs continuously, automatically and in compliance with data protection requirements.


Fig. 1: Dynamic widgets grant new insights

Service.monitor's architecture is both flexible and extendable and builds on con terra's solution platform. This ensures that it can be connected to products such as the security.manager and allows it to be seamlessly integrated with the map.apps manager with absolutely no problem.

As for its classic monitoring functions, service.monitor continues to demonstrate its superior ability. New options that have now been incorporated are the possibility to access monitoring user interface directly within the map.apps manager environment. Furthermore allows for monitoring instances of the Esri Enterprise Geodatabase as well as for supporting other authentication procedures when accessing services under monitoring.

All of this makes service.monitor an innovative and reliable analytical and monitoring solution for all geo-IT services. Software developers, app designers, GIS administrations, marketing departments – and above all end users – all stand to benefit from the information it provides.