Geo Team Wins 1st BMVI Data Run

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Geo Team Wins 1st BMVI Data Run


Transport solution project from con terra, Esri and Geocom satisfies jury and public

Berlin. A real-time traffic guidance system, devised and prototyped by the joint team made up of the companies con terra GmbH, Esri Informatik GmbH and Geocom Deutschland GmbH, has won two of the three categories in the 1st BMVI Data Run. The first Government 'Hackathon' event, opened by Alexander Dobrindt, federal minister of transport and digital infrastructure, was hosted by the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure (BMVI) in Berlin on 13-14 November.

With the motto: 'Our Data – Your Ideas', 80 IT specialists and programmers had 24 hours to develop their Mobility 4.0 solutions on the premises of the BMVI Ministry, using free data made available by the ministry. The data came from such fields as meteorology, road transport, shipping and other areas.

The most successful participants to emerge from the event were the 'AmazingMapMen', a team made up of geo-IT experts from con terra, Esri Deutschland and Geocom Deutschland. Their joint efforts in the 'Economic Potential' category not only satisfied the expert jury, which consisted of representatives of the digital economy and official federal data-providers, but they also won the 'Public's Choice' award.

The winning project, entitled 'Real-time traffic guidance based on geo data mining', used data from the Federal Highway Research Institute (BASt). The data included traffic volumes, traffic reports, and environmental information relating to noise barriers, and was augmented by data from open geo data sources. The objective and at the same time the benefit of the project is to provide route recommendations for cars and lorries travelling on priority and classified highway routes. This enables more effective and sustainable use of the transport network and the intelligent control of traffic, which in turn leads to a reduction in pollution as well as providing economic benefits.

Fig. 1: Prize winners in the 'Economic Potential' and 'Public Choice' categories (from left:  Alexander Erbe, Esri Deutschland, Babak Toloue Tehrani, Geocom Informatik, Dennis Wilhelm, con terra, Marc Kleemann, con terra, Gerald Pape, con terra). Source: BMVI

The BMVI's aim of developing coding know-how and creative ideas for the digital society of the future together with its partners and digital professionals from industry and research was a resounding success, particularly with regard to Mobility 4.0. "In only 24 hours, the participants in the 1st BMVI DATA-RUN demonstrated how exciting, digital innovations can be created from our mobility, geo and weather data," said Minister Dobrindt. "I am convinced that together we have made a contribution to digital value creation and the formation of a new data culture in Germany. I would like to congratulate all the winners and to thank the jury members and data experts for their dedication."

The prize winners now have a chance to obtain financing from the BMVI's 'Modernitätsfonds'. This forms part of the Federal Government's 'Digital Agenda' and is intended to promote data-based digital developments and, in turn, add further dynamics to the entrepreneurial spirit in Germany.

The BMVI Data Run is linked directly with the IT Summit, of the BMVI Open Data Initiative and the Initiative Modernitätsfonds.


*Small picture in the header: Minister Dobrindt opening the 1st BMVI Data Run 'Our Data – Your Ideas'. Source: BMVI