con terra integrates security.manager in ArcGIS for Server

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con terra integrates security.manager in ArcGIS for Server


SOI presentations held at Esri IUC

It is now possible to integrate additional logic into existing services by means of so-called Esri Server Object Interceptors (SOI) using ArcGIS for Server Version 10.3.1. con terra is the first partner in the world to seize on this technology and has now integrated security.manager directly in ArcGIS for Server, the selective and object-sharp authorisation software.


This approach has made it possible to integrate security.manager in the ArcGIS platform with only a minimal impact on the GIS infrastructure. Particularly compelling in this context are the smooth interplay with the ArcGIS manager and the possibility of federation. 

These developments by con terra serve as an important proof-of-concept for Esri Inc. with respect to the new SOI technology. It was for this reason that con terra was invited to present the integration at various technical sessions at the User Conference in San Diego.

Visitors to the Intergeo in Stuttgart on 15-17 September can also gain an impression of this new technology. The official release of the SOI version of the security.manager is planned for late 2015.