Enterprise Apps with map.apps 3.2

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Enterprise Apps with map.apps 3.2


Creating focused apps based on map.apps and the ArcGIS platform

The new map.apps 3.2 makes it even more easy to build and manage enterprise solutions in the form of use-oriented apps. So the user now has a generic selection tools available, allowing selections to be automatically carried out on all visible and selectable themes. Following requests from many customers, the ability to use hyperlinks in table results was implemented: web links and email addresses can now be displayed as hyperlinks and accessed directly using the mouse. Administrators benefit from the new version, due to the simplified way of integrating ArcGIS Online content. It has integrated an intuitive search, for finding Webmaps quickly according to title, description or its owner on ArcGIS Online, and can be loaded by clicking directly in the app configuration. In addition, a login to ArcGIS Online / Portal for ArcGIS is possible in the live configuration, so that protected content can be configured. New in map.apps Manager is also the Update Reminder. This informs administrators when a new version of map.apps or an installed extension is available. In this way, innovations can be made promptly available in existing applications.


Widgets in map.apps

Coinciding with map.apps 3.2 is the new map.apps WAB Engine, an extension that allows the use of widgets that have been created for the Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS. This provide the user with completely new opportunities, targeted to expand application functionalities; in addition, users benefit directly from the developments and contributions of the community built around the Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS. The new extension is available for free for all map.apps Enterprise customers with an ArcGIS Online Organisational account.


Enterprise App Solutions

Enterprise App solutions created using map.apps include all relevant aspects, such as operation and management, shared services, connection of external systems, security, and document and data management. The big advantage offered by map.apps-built enterprise-wide solutions, in addition to the efficiency and effectiveness of the use-oriented apps, in the structured and standardized framework. The now comprehensive palette of map.apps Extensions provides functional or market-specific extensions, tailored for specific use cases.

 map.apps 3.2
Comprehensive integration with the ArcGIS Platform (Admin-Dialog)