map.apps 3.1 with routing function

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map.apps 3.1 with routing function


The latest 3.1 release of map.apps offers users extensive routing functions.


map.apps 3.1 with routing function

The latest 3.1 release of map.apps – the software framework creating innovative geo-apps and solutions – offers users extensive routing functions. In addition,  this release introduces the new map.apps Manager which supports administrators in creating and operating multiple apps within a homogeneous operating environment.

The map.apps Manager allows users to perform complete editing of all basic parts including apps, templates, reports and bundles etc. within a uniform, user interface-based working environment. For example, functional components of map.apps, so-called bundles, can be uploaded and registered using drag & drop. Error-prone manual editing is now a thing of the past.

Access protection for published apps has again been extended in map.apps 3.1. Now, administrators and editors can approve each app for different users directly in map.apps Manager. Both users from ArcGIS Online subscriptions (named users) and users or roles from the con terra security.manager can be used for this purpose.

To greatly minimise the amount of maintenance required, in particular when operating numerous apps, a technically sophisticated concept has been devised for synchronising apps and app templates. For instance, it is possible, to effect changes to the corporate design or modify service URLs in any number of apps, simply by implementing a single change to the underlying template.


End users benefit

Without doubt, it is the routing function that tops the list of concrete functional innovations for end users that have been implemented in this version. The function enables route searches, including intermediate stops, based on an inputted address. Numerous options, for example the selection of transport type, route optimisation method (shortest, fastest, etc.), or the integration of current traffic information, have been incorporated, thus expanding the application spectrum and optimising the route calculation function based on ArcGIS Online for the respective use purpose. Finally, the printing function provides a simple means of outputting the route description, complete with map visualisation.


map.apps extensions

The new map.apps extensions add functional and market-specific extended features to the standard version. Now available are FME extensions for map.apps, which combine the possibilities of modern Web map information with the flexible, high-performance FME data hub. For example, users can now readily add local geodata. More extensions are being developed which will in the near future be expanding the use spectrum and performance ability of map.apps even more.