Expand your user group with FME Server

Processes configured with FME Desktop can be transferred to FME Servers, in turn rendering the extensive possibilities afforded by FME technology accessible via the Web. Once published in this way, FME process are accessible to a larger group of users, who are not required to be in possession of separate licences or have specific technical know-how.


FME Server puts FME technology onto the Web

  • Distribution and management of data and processes
  • Flexible data transformation
  • Ability to send and receive information in real-time
  • Integration in corporate IT and business processes

Use Cases

  • Provision of (geo)data processes via the Web
  • Configuration of format-independent download services
  • Automation of data-transformation processes
  • Integration in web applications
  • Integration in business intelligence software
  • Creation of quality assurance services
  • Processing real-time data