FME Performance Scope

Our FME performance scope

As a European Service Center for FME, con terra supplies an extensive range of solutions and services on all aspects of FME Desktop and FME Server technology. As a platinum partner of the FME manufacturer Safe Software Inc., con terra has a number of officially certified FME professionals and FME trainers to draw on and it also oversees a FME partner network. In addition, con terra develops and markets the German and Spanish versions of FME Desktop.

What we offer:

  • Advice, support and consultancy relating to FME Desktop, FME Server and FME Cloud
  • Integration of FME technology into business structures
  • Development of customer-specific solutions
  • Integration of FME as an interface module into existing applications
  • Integration of new formats into FME
  • Process optimisation with FME
  • Seminars and information events by certified trainers
  • First and second-level support