FME Technology

FME – The Information Exchange Platform

FME is an extremely powerful and flexible software solution that offers a very simple method of modelling and automatically executing complex processing procedures with spatial and non-spatial data. FME supports the importing of more than 300 data sources, such as GIS and CAD data formats, raster data, web services, and spatial data services. With the aid of an easy to use graphical user interface, FME enables efficient and optimised data transformation and conversion into virtually any target data model or format.


The entire functional breadth of FME technology is available as an FME Desktop and FME Server solution and can be expanded by means of add-ons or plug-ins. Moreover, the entire functionality is also available in the FME Cloud.

Use Cases

  • Schema mapping and data modelling
  • Exchange of GIS and CAD data
  • Data migration and harmonisation
  • Automation of data processing procedures
  • Efficient vector and raster data processing
  • Quality assurance of data
As a European Service Center for FME, con terra GmbH offers an extensive service portfolio covering all aspects of FME technology.