FME Desktop Details

Product features



User friendliness

  • Graphical user interface
  • Drag & drop operation
  • Data visualisation tools




  • Process automation
  • Ability to save workflows

 No need for programming knowledge

  • Workflows can be configured quickly and easily
  • No programming required


FME Desktop is available in various editions. The editions differ from each other in terms of the number and types of data formats they support.

Professional Edition
The FME Professional Edition is a very powerful product that is conceived as an entry-level solution for processing, manipulating and converting spatial data. It already contains a full range of functions and many of the conventional data formats.

Esri Edition
The FME Esri Edition is of particular interest to users of Esri technology, because it supports all formats of Esri. The edition is supplied complete with an FME extension for ArcGIS, to ensure that FME functionality is directly available for use in ArcGIS products.

Intergraph Edition
The FME Intergraph Edition is intended especially for users of Intergraph products, as it supports specific Intergraph formats such as GeoMedia SQL Server. The FME Intergraph Edition is supplied complete with an extension for GeoMedia, to ensure that FME functionality is directly available for use in GeoMedia.

Database Edition
The Database Edition contains database-specific functionality for use with Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server and IBM DB2. In addition to the formats of the aforementioned editions, the Database Edition also supports writing spatial data into the database.

FME components

Every FME Desktop Edition comprises a number of optimally coordinated components.

The FME Workbench enables the graphical and interactive definition of the required transformation processes. FME transformers can be arranged, combined and parameterised in a clearly laid out form using drag and drop.

The FME Data Inspector is a format-independent viewer component and the ideal graphical debugger for visually verifying the success of individual process steps during data processing.

The FME Quick Translator performs standard conversions or transformation processes previously defined in FME Workbench, quickly and conveniently at the touch of a button.

The FME Objects API and the FME Plug-in Developer Kit enable the integration of FME functionality in your own applications as well as the addition of further, regionally common formats or specific, technical functionalities, etc.

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