FME Desktop - processing spatial data irrespective of the source

FME Desktop is the world's most frequently used and flexible spatial ETL tool for the integration, processing and quality assurance of all types of spatial information. A wide range of data sources can be imported quickly and efficiently into an FME process, restructured in whatever way might be required, and transferred into a user-specified target data model.


  • Unlimited flexibility in the processing of geometric and attributive data
  • Quick and efficient data transformation, migration, and conversion
  • Coordinate transformations (e.g. DHDN/GK to ETRS89/UTM)
  • Quality assurance of spatial and non-spatial data
  • Supports database and version updates
  • Simple schema mapping of different data models
  • Homogenisation of information taken from disparate sources
  • More than 400 predefined transformers for processing spatial information
  • Reading and writing of more than 300 data formats, including CAD formats, GIS formats, databases, raster data, standardised web services, 3D and BIM data, and non-spatial data formats such as CSV, Excel, XML and others.
FME processes created with FME Desktop can be published with the aid of FME Server or FME Cloud and in turn made available to others users without any knowledge of FME or an FME license.