ArcGIS for INSPIRE - All aspects within a single framework

INSPIRE is a framework for sharing spatial data to help address pan-European issues in a multinational and multiagency spatial data infrastructure (SDI). ArcGIS provides a powerful and comprehensive solution for an SDI. It now includes capabilities to ensure INSPIRE compliance supporting data, services, and metadata, which are delivered in the new ArcGIS for INSPIRE.

ArcGIS for INSPIRE covers all INSPIRE aspects in one single framework by extending ArcGIS with specific INSPIRE capabilities. This design architecture guarantees the minimum impact on existing solutions and capitalizes on expertise already in place in existing Esri users‘ data and service frameworks.

ArcGIS for INSPIRE helps meet INSPIRE compliance in a timely manner. It extends ArcGIS by providing

  • INSPIRE View Service
  • INSPIRE Download Service
  • INSPIRE Data Model (currently Annex I)
  • INSPIRE Discovery Service

For more information about ArcGIS for INSPIRE, visit the websites of Esri: