smart.finder Details

Automatic crawling rather than manual collection

The highly effective search methodology is based on the use of high-performance crawling and indexing functions. smart.finder performs regular searches on information sources and automatically derives metainformation from these, which it structures and makes available from a central location. smart.finder is able to locate data, metadata, services, documents, applications and features in a database, with or without spatial references, static or with time variance.

Operating comfort to the latest standards

Right from the start, users will find the interface extremely easy and intuitive to use. The auto-complete function in the search mask and the smart results layout are immediately apparent. As befits the characteristics of the search results, they are presented both in a list view and in a map display. If the hit list is particularly extensive, it is possible to perform facet searching (as commonly found on such websites as Amazon or eBay), to improve the precision of the results – in several steps if necessary.

Varied range of applications

Wherever rapid and simple access to extensive geoinformation is needed, smart.finder is the tool of choice:
  • In private businesses or public bodies
  • Portal integration, enterprise GIS integration
  • Setting up infrastructures (incl. INSPIRE and SDI)
  • Exploitation of existing ISO metadata
  • Uniform management and description of resources
  • As a stand-alone application or integrated in map.apps or other external systems

Further Information