Full functionality
map.apps offers a wide range of functions for the implementation of individual apps. Proven ArcGIS functions for visualization, query, analysis and output of spatial information are complemented by map.apps‘ own features. Customers benefit from the dynamic development of the ArcGIS API for JavaScript.

Flexible and precise fit
Whether in 2D or 3D, online or offline, as a web or native app, for use on the desktop or mobile - map.apps apps support professional workflows by aligning themselves with the respective requirements and framework conditions - be it the end device of the user, the availability of a network connection or the complexity of the data used.

Open to everything
One of the outstanding strengths of map.apps is its integration capability: Using open interfaces, created apps can be seamlessly integrated into existing third-party systems (e.g. CMS, SAP). The software also offers comprehensive options for the use of data and components from external systems.

Unlike the others
The basic structure of map.apps is completely component-based and thus enables simple reuse of functions between different apps. Function blocks are provided once in the system, and can then be used by any number of apps. The program code is not duplicated, but simply reloaded. This reduces the administration and maintenance effort considerably.

A strong community
By providing source code, map.apps offers all options for in-house development. Existing modules can be extended as well as new ones developed. map.apps thus creates a completely new form of cooperation that involves our partners and customers from administration, private industry as well as research and teaching. This map.apps community actively lives the idea of learning from each other, further developing and sharing industry-specific functions and extensions. The platform for this is the con terra Developer Network.

Further Information