Individuality for the ArcGIS platform

map.apps, the central software component of con terra Technologies, allows you to build apps and solutions that are as individual as your challenges. With map.apps, the comprehensive possibilities of the ArcGIS platform are extended by capabilities for the implementation of complex solution architectures at the enterprise level. map.apps integrates seamlessly with the ArcGIS platform and ensures the sustainability of solutions through minimal maintenance effort and maximum user acceptance.

Individual and user-centered

  • Focused, user-tailored apps and solutions
  • Maximize user adoption and user experience
  • UX standards and responsive design guarantee usability on all platforms
  • Cost efficiency through standardized concepts and components

Sustainable and efficient

  • Consistent, component-based architecture
  • Reuse of once-provided building blocks in any number of apps
  • Added value through parallel use of the ArcGIS API for JavaScript 3 and 4
  • Reduction of administration and maintenance costs

Open, adaptable and integrable

  • Infinitely scalable - from standard product to enterprise-wide solution platform
  • Open interfaces and open source code allow customization and extension
  • Central building block for the digitalization of spatial business processes and workflows

Established and mature

  • Central solution platform of con terra
  • Broad range of applications in private sector and public administration
  • Proven in a variety of customer solutions
  • Active user community that has grown over many years