map.apps User Management

User Management and Authorisation in map.apps 

The map.apps Who-is-Who 

The User Management Extension is a user repository for map.apps that allows the management of users, groups and roles as well as the definition of permissions within map.apps. So a map.apps administrator can define, which apps and bundles maybe used by which user. 


Flexible Management of map.apps Users

Individual authorisation of apps needs a user management, which stores login information of users together with user attributes such as email and postal addresses. Furthermore, roles are maintained which act as a link between permissions and users. 

Integration of Enterprise Systems 

In many cases users are already maintained in enterprise systems like Active Directory. Since replication of redundant user information often shall be avoided, the User Management Extension allows conecting to existing user repositories instead of using the built-in one. So maintenance of users can be done via the primary system, while the User Management Extension maps these users and groups to policies within map.apps.


And there is even more the User Management Extension can do. It allows to federate with various external user repositories and connect all of them with map.apps. This makes internal users as well as business partners or customers immediately available, without the need to maintain them within the map.apps environment itself. They can just use apps via Single-Sign-On with their external accounts.

Feature Profile

  • Flexible management of users, groups, and roles 
  • Enforcement of permissions for apps and bundles 
  • Login for apps 
  • Self registration 
  • Single-Sign-On 
  • Integration with Active Directory 
  • Support for SAML 2.0 federations 
  • Integrated in map.apps Manager