map.apps Smart Search

Fast navigation to relevant results
The professional solution for high-performance and efficient search

map.apps Smart Search is a product extension for map.apps. It provides a professional and high-performance solution for spatial navigation through text-based searches. With map.apps SmartSearch, the user can search within an application via a simple input field to all relevant data, and navigate to the positions of the matching results. The index-based approach provides map.apps SmartSearch with an extremely high performance, making it ideally suited for spatial search on huge, comprehensive datasets.

map.apps Smart Search


Dynamic - performant - modern

The SmartSearch extension expands map.apps applications easily, with an innovative and powerful search for geospatial objects. The text input in the centralised input box generates results that are fed from different data sets. Thanks to the dynamic and high-performance index, matches are automatically generated and delivered to the user as they type, with each additional entry refining the results offered.

One search for all topics

Whether addresses, parcels, postal code areas or objects from a specialised subject domain, map.apps SmartSearch directly seeks all matching information stored in the internal index, and displays it together as a suggestion list.  The information used for displaying the list of suggestions can be configured. In addition to the title or the name of the entry found, for example, the source or category of each hit can also be issued. In this way, the user can rapidly limit results to relevant topics. The automatic zoom to suggested hits also contributes to efficient selection of relevant results.

In addition, the targeted limitation of the search themes is possible using map.apps SmartSearch. A filter function allows the search facilities of a specific map.apps application to be limited, so that each will search just the topics relevant to the particular professional context of the application.

Service and index-based technology

All information used in the Smart Search are available through ArcGIS Server feature services and transferred to the central SmartSearch index. The indexing of the Service Layer is done once or periodically, enabling automatic updates according to the underlying data. The use of a central index leads to the independence of the app data or services used, but above all, it guarantees an extremely high performance even with large data sets.

Feature Profile

  • High-performance unified search functionality
  • Google-like input dialog for simultaneous search across any number of search topics
  • Combination of relevant search attributes (eg addresses with city, street, house number)
  • Dynamically generated suggesiton lists of names and categories of results
  • Independent from the original search data via an index-based approach
  • Service-based acquisition of all object information on ArcGIS Server feature services
  • Automatic update via periodically executed Index Jobs
  • Filtering options for the implementation of special technical topics