map.apps SDI

The key for SDI, INSPIRE & Open Data

Custom Apps for utilizing SDI, INSPIRE and Open Data Resources

map.apps SDI is a product extension for map.apps. It is used to create custom apps accessible via spatial data infrastructures (SDI) which can efficiently open up the contents of INSPIRE services and open data resources.

map.apps SDI


Dynamically load standard services

One of the outstanding features of map.apps SDI is the dynamic loading of additional geoservices via standardized interfaces (INSPIRE View, WMS, WMTS, ArcGIS for Server). It results in maximum flexibility in assembling individual map views, which are composed in this way from the pre-configured as well as task-oriented User-Added services. In this context, the switching of spatial reference system can be easily done using a pick list at runtime by the end user.

Save and load map status

map.apps SDI allows users to save the current view of the map, share with others and recall the state at any time. It saves all the information, such as background map including thematic content, pre-configured themes and user-added services, redlining objects, spatial reference system and spatial areas.

Easy access to resources

The management of services and map layers, both pre-configured and user-added, takes place via the content tree. Access to the map content can take place both through the Services-view of the content tree and thematically  via the map.apps map flow component. Furthermore, it is possible to adjust the visibility of the layers, group layers and services via the content tree, as well as changing the transparency of a service and symbolization for the layer. Service status information, group layers and layer information are also provided.

Use Open Data

With map.apps SDI, use SDI and INSPIRE services for your purposes perfectly into your own apps. If services are available as open data, then free access through ArcGIS Online or spatial data infrastructures of public administrations is possible.

Feature Profile

  • Dynamic loading of additional geoservices via standardized interfaces (INSPIRE View, WMS, WMTS, ArcGIS for Server) via a service URL or from a favorite
  • Management of loaded services and map layers over the content tree, with service or layer-specific functions such as
    • free moving and sorting of services
    • Zoom to Service Layer
    • Display Service Properties
    • Layer legend
    • Info query for a layer
    • Transparency or service or individual Layers
    • View the predefined styles of a layer
  • Easy change of the spatial reference system at runtime
  • Free scale entry or selection of predetermined scales, eg when using cached services
  • Save, load and sharing of map states, including background map, thematic content preconfigured themes and added services, redlining objects, spatial reference system and spatial areas
  • Central display of copyright in the copyright viewer
  • Full integration with map.apps
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