map.apps GEONIS

The innovative web client for GEONIS Server

Use GEONIS services and features via intuitive Apps

map.apps GEONIS is a product extension for map.apps. It builds the bridge to GEONIS, the Solution Framework from Geocom fort he management of geospatial infrastructures. The enterprise-wide data cross-linked to each other in GEONIS can be quickly and cost-effectively made available to a wider audience using map.apps GEONIS, in the form of individual apps. In this case, the user has GEONIS-specific functionality for displaying, editing, network tracking and reporting in the Web browser.

map.apps GEONIS 


map.apps as an innivative web-client for GEONIS server

Complex spatial data infrastructure and intuitive apps - with map.apps GEONIS, not a contradiction, but a relevant feature of this extension.
The flexible management of the varying data structures of industry and business, whether disposal, electric or water networks, is the strength of the GEONIS technology of con terra's corporate partner, Geocom. Via GEONIS server, content and functionality are available to external applications. The map.apps GEONIS Extension consistently uses the service-oriented architecture GEONIS server. It thus creates an elegant and lightweight web-based solution that enables the access, analysis and output for any number of users.

GEONIS functionality - now available as an app

With map.apps GEONIS, the well-known desktop features of GEONIS attribute forms, reports, and functions for network tracing are usable in simple form via web apps. GEONIS server services can be registered as data sources in map.apps and, like all other map.apps data sources, will support the visualization, search, retrieval and many more uses.
Results from attribute data queries on GEONIS objects, known from the desktop GEONIS, are automatically generated using configurable XML attribute templates. All information about the object can be presented in a clear and structured form, including information from linked tables.

Editing - Analysis - Reporting

GEONIS editing logic has also been integrated into the standard editing tools of map.apps. The GEONIS attribute forms can be filled or modified, supported by numerous GUI-based utility functions, by the user in a comfortable manner. Relations to linked tables or links to associated multimedia documents are defined directly in the attribute forms, but other documents, such as photos, can also be inserted. In addition to attribute editing, the editing of object geometries, recording, editing or deleting, is also possible.
When storing objects, it is also possible for GEONIS server-defined rules to be run in the background, for example, to calculate values in other fields or to update linked objects automatically (eg labels).
Using appropriate GEONIS data sources, map.apps GEONIS makes it possible to configure reports and functions for network tracing. Of course, all functions of the GEONIS extension can be freely combined with the functions of map.apps core software and other Extensions.

Feature Profile

  • Connection and direct access to content and functionality of GEONIS server
  • Support for GEONIS server services as an additional service type
  • Using GEONIS attribute forms for web-based display and editing of attribute values
  • Using GEONIS rules engine to run background processing rules
  • Easy creation and use of relations (linked tables)
  • Full integration of GEONIS Reporting
  • Functions for network tracing
  • Full compatibility with all features of map.apps-based software for creating customized individual apps