map.apps ETL

Data integration – easy, efficient and flexible

Use of Spatial ETL technology in intuitive apps

Applications based on map.apps are shaped in their design primarily by individual user specifications and technical requirements. Often it is necessary to integrate additional information from different data sources. To arrange this as quickly and efficiently as possible, and to simplify the generation of individual mapping applications with technical data, con terra has developed map.apps ETL.

map.apps File Upload


Pre-configured workflows
  • FME Workspace templates for every workflow
  • map.apps bundle for every workflow
  • map.apps app-template for ETL processes
Integration of complex ETL processes
  • Use of “FME published parameters” in map.apps
  • Definition of Web-GUI directly from the FME Workbench
Integration of FME processes without any developer work necessary
  • Configuration of FME workflows within the map.apps online configuration

Feature Profile

The following workflows are pre-configured on basis of map.apps ETL:

File Upload
Format and schema-independent reading and display of local data inventories

File Download
Provide geo-data for local use in the desired format and structure

DB Import
Import large quantities of data into a database or file-system

DB Export
Supply large quantities of data as an export in any given format

Web Connect
Live retrieval and transfer of information from services in a web-application

Real Time
Live streaming of real-time information and sensor data into a web-application