The disturbance-free operation of your IT systems is important to us

As a customer, smooth business processes are important to you, as is the disturbance-free operation of your IT systems. We will be happy to support you in achieving these goals for your geographic information systems that you have purchased at con terra.

Our technical support team is there to provide you with strong and uncomplicated assistance whenever unexpected disturbances occur using our software. Just call us or send us an e-mail!

You will help our support team to respond to your enquiry if you have access to the affected software and can provide information on the following questions:

  • Which software solution are you using, and which version?
  • What hardware environment do you have?
  • What operating system and which service packs are you using?
  • What action triggers the problem?
  • If an error message is displayed, what does it say?
  • Have you already attempted any measures to solve the problem?

Support Plus Service Package

Support Plus is the name of the comprehensive support services provided by con terra in addition to our standard support. This service package comprises all the products, solutions and services available from con terra GmbH, with support in all technical matters, explanations of specific functions and assistance with configuration activities.

Our all-inclusive service guarantees rapid assistance in all matters and in every case – flexible, uncomplicated and pragmatic!

Benefits to you

  • Powerful all-inclusive service
  • Fast individual assistance
  • Intensive, case-specific support
  • Comprehensive support from experts
  • Detailed guides and instructions
  • Flexible use of quota

More information provides our handout Support Plus Service Package