Data Services

Ready-to-use spatial data for use in your processes

For many companies, easy access to spatial information is vital for securing smooth-running work processes. However, the growing number of formats and services often makes it difficult to integrate the relevant spatial data. For more than twenty years, con terra has been providing extensive services to its customers for ensuring that they have the right information available in the desired system.

Are you looking for a way out of the data jungle? We can supply ready-to-use spatial data or we can also integrate the FME data hub directly into your processes. External formats do not fit into your system? Are you changing your GIS application and need a simple and reliable way of transferring your data? Do you need to provide INSPIRE-compliant data? As an authorised sales partner for public and private data providers, we supply perfectly tailored spatial data and ensure that all existing datasets are transformed into the required format or desired service.

As a European Service Center for FME and Platinum Partner of the FME manufacturer, Safe Software, we integrate the FME data hub directly into your business processes. The Spatial ETL tool supports more than 300 formats and services, performs quality assurance tasks, migrates and harmonises data, and outputs automatically converted data or services.

We manage your spatial data, by:
  • Integrating external data into your desired target system
  • Supplying tailor-made, ready-to-use spatial data
  • Performing data refinements, such as georeferencing, rectification, reduction or generalisation
  • Performing quality assurance and data migration
  • Making coordinate transformations in accordance with ETRS89/UTM
  • Implementing FME, the ETL tool