Support from our experts

For more than twenty years, con terra GmbH has been advising and supporting businesses in a wide variety of industries in devising spatial solutions to suit their needs. As established GIS service providers and IT integrators, we focus on geographical components while also keeping sight on the structures and requirements that are important from a technical point of view. Our teams are composed of GIS and IT specialists and also contain selected industry experts, to ensure that you benefit from a comprehensive consultancy service that is designed to take into account the latest software trends along with custom-made technical and IT concepts. This is how we provide our know-how for your benefit, from the conceptual design through to the implementation phase.

GIS specialists with industry knowledge

We put together a hand-picked consultancy team. Whether you require a fully formed conceptual design for a real-estate information system, professional advice in creating a spatial data infrastructure, or content-based support in making a far-reaching system decision – our team of experts comprising mathematicians, informatics specialists and engineers are there to support you in all matters relating to your geo-IT needs.

Our intensive collaboration and close coordination with our clients that enable us together to determine the optimum solution for your needs are part and parcel of our professional consultancy service. Our long-standing business relations with our customers are proof that we are steering the right course.

We would be happy to support you in any of the following area

  • Anlysing specialist and organisational requirements
  • Developing strategies and recommended courses of action
  • Supporting you in system-related decisions and system implementations
  • Drawing up technical concepts for system and application developments
  • Devising IT concepts, including software architecture and system design.
  • Extending existing IT infrastructures by adding GIS components
  • Performing professional project management
  • Conducting quality assurance with data collection and preparation


con terra creates competitive advantages through systematic and sustained support of business processes on the basis of the relevant spatial information. For this purpose, geoinformation systems (GIS) are linked to business systems to form Enterprise GIS solutions. This gives rise to maximum-efficiency strategic platforms designed to optimise our customers' complex and business-critical processes.

Individual requirements demand individual solutions. We have many years of experience in devising and realising business concepts. Moreover, we maintain direct, high-quality contact with manufacturers of fundamental geotechnology. As a member of the Esri Deutschland Group, we base our solutions on the ArcGIS platform, which we expand and integrate as required with products and solutions from our own portfolio to create sustainable, integrated Enterprise GIS solutions.