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  • "The users who already use the secured web services have many new ideas. We look forward to further implementations."

    - Eugen Gass, Wintershall Holding GmbH -

  • "Nowm we have all the decision-relevant data we need, displayed ready for use on a single screen."

    - Harald Claußen, Autobahndirektion Nordbayern -

  • "The cumulative claims management system allows us to make a rapid assessment of a cumulative loss situation and enables us to react in the short term to new loss situations."

    - Stefan Lühr, composite claims -

  • "With the BORISplus.NRW app, it is now possible for users to access essential standard land value information anywhere and at any time."

    - Oliver Karusseit, IT.NRW -

  • "We deliberately chose a leading company, because we wanted to offer our customers the best long-term solutions."

    - Gerald Müller, Vivawest DL -

  • "We have found FME to be so versatile that it has become our geomatic Swiss army knife."

    - Gonzalo López García, Head of the GIS and Cartography Department -

  • "Geopunt has become a very convenient access point to geographical information for a broad range of users – from citizens to real GIS experts."

    - Laura D’heer - Geopunt Productowner -

  • "map.apps has enabled us to provide users with apps that have a specialised focus, within a short space of time."

    - Dr. Stefan Franz, Wald und Holz NRW -

  • "An essential factor guaranteeing the success of GeoBAK is the very good level of cooperation between our employees and con terra and its partners."

    - SDI Service Centre, GeoSN - State organisation for basic spatial data and land surveying in Saxony -

  • "Ever since the web tool for 3D System Building Restricted Areas has been deployed, our employees' workloads have been drastically reduced."

    - Andreas Wiese, BAF -

  • "Without the flawless cooperation between the broadcasters and network operators involved and the partners of con terra GmbH and the Broadcast Technology Institute (IRT), this ambitious project would never have been possible.“"

    - Michael Reichert, Head of the digital radio project office -

  • "ERGOGIS runs very stably, is easily handled, and intuitively operated."

    - Christian Haasz, Project Manager, ITERGO -

  • "FME enables us to adapt flexibly to the demand for multiple use of spatial data in our print and electronic products."

    - Michael Müller, Publisher -

  • "The flexibility of the new web GIS platform FGIS_online has already sustainably proven itself."

    - Beate Graichen, Staatsbetrieb Sachsenforst -

  • "The Digital Service File is exciting because of its rapid search service in the various filing and working systems."

    - Ralf van der Heyden, RAG Aktiengesellschaft -

  • "Once we’ve blown a breach in the thickets of INSPIRE specifications and once a path was found for an easy transformation of INSPIRE relevant local data sets on Protected Sites."

    - Dr. Dirk Hinterlang, State Office for Nature, Environment and Consumer Protection North Rhine- Westphalia -

  • "The OMS shows its lasting benefits through its ability to integrate GIS and SAP-ERP services."

    - Dr. Ludger Terhart, Head of Information Technologies -

  • "FME has been an essential tool for SITMUN since it was set up in 2005. We have used FME to load geographical information files to the SITMUN database, to give users the option of fully or partially downloading this information, and to change the coordinates system in an easy, homogenised and fast way, with a fully interoperable data structure."

    - Josefina Saez Burgaya, Department of Territory and Sustainability Barcelona Provincial Council -

  • "Both our customers and LUXPLAN S.A. are more than satisfied with the results."

    - Sascha Rohner, Technical Director GIS - LUXPLAN S.A. -

  • "The capacity of FME to define and execute geoprocesses, in this case both with point clouds and with images, helped to viably and effectively improve production."

    - Alejandro Guinea de Salas, Managing Director Geograma -

  • "The use of FME as a central data management tool not only saves us a lot of time and money, but also enables us to process and analyse data in a way that would otherwise not have been possible."

    - Katharina Buchenau -

  • "Thanks to the user-centred design from con terra, in exciting workshops we gained a thorough understanding of the actual users of the mCLOUD."

    - Dr. Roland Goetzke, Referat DG 25 -



con terra supports the forestry & timber industry and other agents in effectively shaping the increasingly complex tasks facing them in the field of forest management.



Esri's ArcGIS and con terra's Insurance Solution control risk exposure and render it transparent.


Nature and Environment

con terra integrates GIS technology in environmental processes and realises custom specialist solutions for environmental applications.


Real Estate

The life cycle of a real estate property is concerned on many levels with the aspect of location.


Spatial ETL

The FME spatial ETL tool makes spatial information usable – irrespective of the data's source, structure, schema or format.


SDI and E-Government

con terra has played a central role in the development of INSPIRE and is one of Europe's leading suppliers in this area.



As a GIS integrator, con terra, together with Esri, has been successfully advising and supporting customers in the telecommunications field for many years.



Addressing target groups, tapping into new potential and assessing the POS – maps and analyses with ArcGIS supply robust answers to spatial questions in the retail trade.